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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Gender pay gap revealed by over 500 companies

    Over 500 companies have revealed their gender pay gaps under new Government legislation which requires companies to publish details by April 4th.

     Virgin Money, Ladbrokes and Easyjet have revealed gender pay gaps of more than 15% in favour of men for mean hourly rate, while women’s fashion chain Phase Eight revealed a 64.8% lower mean hourly rate for female staff.

     Data covers the gender pay gap discrepancy between the average wage earned by male and female staff at a company – regardless of position.

     Companies paying women more than men included nurses business Yellow Dot, at 35.4% more than male colleagues, and mattress retailer Sweet Dreams, at 46.4% more.

     Women were paid over half the amount of salary to male colleagues at budget airliner, Easyjet.

     Defending the results, Easyjet argued that gender pay gay was influenced by the makeup of its pilot community, which totals over a quarter of its UK employees.

     Easyjet has pledged to introduce more female pilots, with one in five operating on board their planes by 2020.


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