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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Empower your workforce with the skills of tomorrow

    At the University of Lincoln, we believe that valued people are at the heart of every successful organisation. By investing in their personal and professional development, your business can be better prepared for future challenges, with improved productivity and innovative thinking.

    Whether you’re looking to support new qualifications or aim to improve your working culture, the University of Lincoln can help you to empower and upskill your staff through both academically accredited and non-credit bearing programmes, including:

    • Workshops
    • Short-courses and standalone “stackable” modules
    • Online, part-time degree programmes
    • Degree apprenticeships
    • Bespoke graduate schemes

    Partnering with private, public and third sector organisations, our Educational Partnerships teams work collaboratively with your decision makers to create learning and development solutions specific to your organisation’s skills gaps and requirements. Through our range of professional development options, we aim to:

    • Equip your teams with knowledge and skills needed to meet the future trends demands of your industry or sector
    • Drive efficiencies: convert your “Accidental Manager” to a trained and effective leader
    • Grow your talent pool: attract, motivate, engage and retain your workforce
    • Succession plan: prepare your managers and leaders of the future
    • Grow your business: drive change, effortlessly and implement strategy successfully

    “The University of Lincoln’s support has been really beneficial in terms of developing and up-skilling existing employees, giving us a pathway to our early careers and new employees joining our business. It’s really important to have that strong relationship with the University of Lincoln to ensure that we, going forward, have the best possible opportunities for our people.” – Sharon Blyfield, Coca Cola European Partners

    To arrange an informal conversation and training needs analysis with our Educational Partnerships team, head to our Staff Development webpage or email our Eleanor Ramsey, Educational Partnerships Manager, via eramsey@lincoln.ac.uk.



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