• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • Employees need a Covid-safe return to work

    When Covid restrictions end, life can slowly return to some sort of normality.  Employees will start to return to their place of work, thus bringing an end to home-working for thousands of people.

    Whilst some employers will choose to permanently close offices and embrace homeworking, the majority of employers will welcome the return of employees to shared spaces and collaborative working.  Both employers and employers will enjoy improved team working, morale, social interaction and motivation.

    However, with social distancing rules likely to stay in place for a while yet, there will be a significant number of employees who will be nervous about returning to their place of work.  In particular, there will be concerns about how they will commute to and from work.  Many employees will choose to avoid public transport on which it is difficult to socially distance.  Travel by private or hired car will not be economically possible for everyone.

    Thus, active travel will become more popular and the preferred transport choice for many as they adapt to make it a part of their daily routines.  Employers can help their employees choose active travel by offering the Cycle to Work Scheme as an employee benefit.  The scheme gives access to savings of between 32 – 47% on any new bike including E-bikes, cargo bikes and specialist cycles and trikes for those with mobility issues.  The scheme uses salary sacrifice as the mechanism for the savings which are based on the employee’s tax band.

    Green Commute Initiative is an award-winning and industry leading Cycle to Work Scheme provider; the first to have no £1,000 limit or end-of-scheme fees.  GCI is a UK-based not-for-profit social enterprise and ensures employees make the maximum possible savings available to them. Employers also save 13.8% on reduced NICs.  Employees on National Minimum Wage and so unable to take part in a salary sacrifice scheme, can access new bikes through GCI’s Everyone Cycle scheme.

    GCI sees the humble bicycle as the solution to many problems; improving individual physical and mental health, reducing pollution to give us all cleaner air to breathe, and providing employees with a more Covid-secure commute. #BikeisBest



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