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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Effective leadership in times of crisis

    By Winningtemp

    Leadership. An emotive subject that often ignites the critic in us. The delicate balance of keeping calm under pressure, offering guidance but allowing for autonomy. Keeping control whilst encouraging innovation. From the side-lines, leadership is akin to watching a game show on television. We know all the answers from the comfort of our armchairs. Stood in front of a live audience under the blinding glare of the studio lights on the other hand, proves an altogether different experience.

    2020 however, was no game. Leaders have faced unprecedented pressures, having to make unimaginable decisions. Household names such as DebenhamsEdinburgh WoollenPeacocks and Arcadia Group have fallen prey to financial collapse and are facing administration and liquidation. Additionally, ClarksCafé Nero and Wasabi are just some of the many organisations that required financial rescuing last year.

    Furthermore Covid-19 has normalised remote working but creating a strong company culture virtually has been a challenge for many leaders. Recent research by Microsoft found that 63% of business leaders think it is hard to effectively lead teams digitally. Additionally, 69% are unsure how to create a strong team spirit in a virtual workspace.

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