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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Educating teams about death, dying and legacy for workplace wellbeing

    By huunuu

    Working in the wellbeing sector has its challenges. We are all acutely aware of how good mental health is crucial to a healthy, productive work environment. But how does talking about death factor into that equation?

    Here at huunuu we consider ourselves a death positive organisation, which doesn’t mean we are a morbid bunch, quite the opposite.

    We understand that not being afraid of having the conversations about death can be liberating. By making sure that we have planned and (crucially) shared those plans around end of life, we are freeing ourselves to embrace a full life, no longer being ill prepared for the many financial, medical, and legal matters that accompany death.

    This can ease the many practical concerns that can often weigh on the mind of your employees when planning for their future. This is so important for good organisational health and by supporting openness through education and training sessions, we can bring about the very best in teams, regardless of their industry.

    We create and produce our products, tools and sessions, which are all designed to aid healthy conversations. Additionally, we partner with some incredible people to offer a full and rounded experience for all the organisations we work with.

    You can download a free guide about unlocking the confidence to discuss death in the workplace here: https://www.huunuuforbusiness.com/home

    We work with a number of organisations by facilitating face-to-face or virtual sessions.

    Talk to us about arranging a session for your business by emailing sarah@huunuu.com or request a product catalogue to see how you can shape the right session for you.


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