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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Delivering learning impact with NEBOSH

    One of the challenges many organisations face is being able to demonstrate and measure the impact of learning and development.

    According to the CIPD, Learning and Skills at Work 2020 report “only 16% assess the behaviour change of participants by assessing the transfer of learning into the workplace. The vast majority still encounter barriers to evaluation, with lack of learner or management time and the pressure of other business priorities the most commonly reported obstacles.”

    Delivering and measuring learning impact is seen as complex and often fails to include the outcome within the initial design stage. This is where NEBOSH Endorsed, the latest service from NEBOSH wants to make sure it delivers. For a training programme to become NEBOSH Endorsed, it must deliver learning impact and positively influence worker behaviour.

    NEBOSH Endorsed offers two corporate solutions:

    • Bespoke consultation and development of in-company training
    • Assessment and endorsement of existing in-company learning

    Both solutions emphasise learning that delivers tangible impact to people and businesses which can lead to improved overall organisational performance. NEBOSH will work with businesses to choose measurable targets that correlate and evidence the impact of the learning for both the business and the individual.

    Benefits of NEBOSH Endorsed:

    • Links to overarching organisational goals to improve organisational performance
    • Strengthens the organisations culture by aligning the training to the broader learning environment
    • Helps individual be more effective
    • Shows a return on investment
    • The use of technology to deliver effective learning in the flow of work anytime, anywhere
    • Learning that builds transferable skills for a more agile workforce
    • Learning impact that demonstrates results, for example reduced incidents, improved compliance etc.
    • Reduces risk and may even lower insurance premiums!

    We have a range of options to help ensure your learning program is the best it can be. NEBOSH has solutions for content creation, content delivery and of course learning impact tools.

    Many of these solutions combine the best of digital and traditional methods with the aim of improving learner engagement, accessibility, and allow the content to be delivered in the flow of work.

    Every person that completes a NEBOSH Endorsed in-company training programme within their organisation will be recognised with a NEBOSH Endorsed certificate to mark their learning.

    If you are interested in finding out more about NEBOSH and NEBOSH Endorsed, please visit the website or email corporateservices@nebosh.org.uk


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