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  • Complimentary 90-minute in-house virtual workshop

    By Leading Edge Leadership

    Are you planning to organise virtual leadership, management or personal development training for your staff in 2022?

    If you are, we would be delighted to deliver an in-house COMPLIMENTARY 90-minute virtual workshop for up to 16 of your staff so that you can experience at first-hand the dynamic, exciting and highly interactive virtual training Leading Edge Leadership provide.

    Here’s what we are offering:

    The complimentary virtual workshop is delivered “live” in a fast-paced, highly interactive style using a range of features such as breakout rooms, polling, facilitated short discussions, video clips and storytelling.

    Attendees can connect from home, the office – in fact from anywhere in the world.

    We ask for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 attendees.

    We also ask that a key decision-maker participates (or observes) in the workshop so that you get a “feel” for how our virtual workshops are delivered/facilitated and be open to having a ten-minute informal discussion with us afterwards.

    After the workshop we will forward you a copy of the PPT slides and screenshots of the attendees’ feedback.

    You can choose your complimentary workshop title from the 12 titles listed below:

    How To Excel As A Manager


    How to Be Assertive


    How To Communicate Better


    How To Coach 


    How To Develop Your Personal Brand


    How To Be Resilient


    How To Give Feedback


    How To Make The Perfect Presentation 


    How To Hold A Challenging Conversation


    How To Develop Excellent Customer Care


    How To Manage Change


    How To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


    You can register your interest HERE or drop us an email at info@leadingedgeleadership.com or give us a quick call (01727898332) if you think this is something you might be interested in – and we can arrange a quick Zoom or Teams call to discuss further.

    You may wish to check out our extensive range of 65 workshop titles on our website:



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