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  • CIPD enters partnership with Civil Service to ‘professionalise’ government HR practitioners…

    The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has announced its new partnership with Civil Service HR (CSHR) in a bid to upskill, support and professionalise government-based HR practitioners.

    With the two parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), it is thought an estimated 4,000 CSHR represented HR professionals will benefit from the collaboration, enabling access to CIPD qualifications and accreditation; as well as creating joint networking events; creating a common framework covering HR capabilities and skills; and sharing thought leadership strategies.

    Chief executive of the CIPD, Peter Cheese, commented: “The role the HR function plays and the value it brings has never been more important in the context of the many changes we are seeing in the world of work. The Civil Service is among the largest employers in the country and, through its employees, plays a vital role in all our lives in the delivery of the many public services we engage with.

    “It is also undergoing a lot of change, and the HR professionals who work across the Civil Service need to have the confidence, capabilities and experience to play their role in these changes, and support the wide range of departments and entities, as well as the large and diverse workforce.”

    It has been reported that the MoU will finish in 2026, and the government chief people officer, Rupert McNeil, told People Management: “We’re at a really interesting point in the way we think about professions in the Civil Service. Where we have a profession, it’s really important we embrace the national representation of that profession and ensure people have a strong sense of professional identity. There are a significant number of HR people in government and across the public sector, and we need them to lead by example.”


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