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  • APSCo launches ‘Growing Together’ campaign


    The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has announced plans for a major campaign to address recent data that shows the majority of recruitment firms fear that achieving financial growth will be challenging over the coming months.

    The ‘Growing Together’ campaign will highlight new and existing APSCo services, offering to provide recruitment businesses wit the information, insight and transformational leadership they need to drive success through 2017 and beyond.

    In the latest annual UK Recruitment Index from Deloitte and APSCo found that 57% of professional recruitment leaders surveyed said achieving financial growth was a top five business challenge for the year ahead.

    This represents a marked increase from the previous year, when 44% of respondents cited it as a key concern, suggesting that businesses are looking for support in this area now more than ever.

    During the duration of this campaign, APSCo will draw on its experience and expertise in the sector to provide recruitment businesses with the information, insight and transformational leadership they need to drive success.

    “Finding the path to boost your business to the next level is a perpetual challenge for all leaders, but in the recruitment sector the challenge is arguably even greater,” said Ann Swain, APSCo’s Chief Executive. “Our research shows that staff churn and access to CPD opportunities can have a negative impact on productivity, and now leaders are contending with additional external challenges such as Brexit and changes in tax legislation. Swain added: “APSCo is owned by its members and we have a responsibility to assist the professional recruitment sector in its growth and future profitability. Successful business expansion relies on both hard work and effective strategy, and while we can’t help much with the former, we have an absolute mountain of insight to share on the latter.”



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