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    Barnett Waddingham
  • A new approach to health and safety training

    By nebosh

    It’s a common aspiration within any responsible organisation to aim for zero incidents. To help achieve this goal many organisations seek innovative training solutions.

    One approach many businesses have adopted is to focus resources on creating an environment and culture that encourages workers, at all levels, to think about how they are working (their behaviours) and look for opportunities for improvement.  The aspiration is for workers to feel confident to challenge unsafe working practices.

    As we know, introducing and developing any step change programme, is an incredibly difficult (but hugely impactful) thing to attempt.

    There are many consultants who suggest that there are quick wins when it comes to gaining immediate success in health and safety management.  This often isn’t the case, people are, as we know, complex. To effectively influence health and safety performance across an organisation can take years (or generations of workers), as altering human decision making has been shown to be an iterative process that requires time as well as investment.

    As part of any new health and safety initiative or strategy, training is of course a core element. But like many things within the field of occupational, safety and health (OSH) management, health and safety training has also evolved, and new technology and ways of learning are being embraced. One example we have seen at NEBOSH, is how receptive workers can be to consuming learning in a variety of ways e.g., classroom, live online or via digital assessment platforms.

    NEBOSH has been delivering and developing innovative health and safety solutions in workplaces globally for over 40 years helping businesses achieve their OSH targets and drive cultural change.

    NEBOSH is now endorsing competency based, in-house learning and assessment that contributes to a healthier and safer workplace and positively influences worker behaviour.

    If you are interested in learning more about how NEBOSH can help you with internal training or further detail on our world class range of qualifications, then get in touch today.




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