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    Barnett Waddingham
  • WEBINAR: HR Hindsights in 2020 – Lessons learnt by leaders in talent

    You asked, and of course we deliver! Following the success of our interview with Mercedes-Benz’s Global Staffing & Recruiting Lead, where we got up close and personal into the making of their current employee engagement strategy… we are back with a bang and two more global giants; Spotify and PwC.

    And don’t worry, we’ve also bought with us all your burning questions to understand exactly how they shaped their talent strategies to hire their next generation of leaders, and mobilise their teams across the globe – despite a global pandemic.

    Whether you are resuming recruitment, reskilling your workforce, or still preparing to do so, be sure to join us in the next instalment of this interview series.

    Find out what worked… maybe a few things that didn’t, and some advice to help you finish 2020 even stronger than you started it.

    – Remote Recruitment with @Spotify – 15th October
    – Mobility with @PwC – 29th October




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