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  • The importance of childcare solutions in a hybrid world 

    More than 80% of firms in the UK have now adopted hybrid working [1], with 77% of UK employees desiring a mix of face-to-face and remote working [2].

    The new hybrid working world may seem more appealing to working parents, but it does raise questions; 

    1. Are parents that are working from home able to focus on their work without reliable childcare?  
    2. Do your employee benefits consider the work/life balance of parents? 

    Ultimately, are companies recognising this and supporting their employees? The result of ignoring these questions could lead to employee disenchantment, disengagement, and reduced productivity.  

    Workplace child solutions – a desirable employee benefit 

    Childcare is the number one concern for working parents. Whether it’s stable childcare or finding high-quality services, research has shown that childcare discounts and parental support are hugely desirable as a workplace benefit. This is where Busy Bees comes in.  

    Busy Bees is committed to empowering people to continue their careers whilst enjoying family life. Sadly, a quarter of parents in the UK don’t go back to work following parental leave due to a lack of childcare options available to them. With nearly 400 nurseries and some very easy-to-administer solutions, Busy Bees could help make that a thing of the past. 

    Busy Bees childcare solutions will help businesses retain people longer, hire top talent, improve employee wellbeing, and foster workplace equality. In addition, working parents will likely feel a huge sense of relief and loyalty to employers that offer childcare benefits. 

    Breaking down silos in the workplace 

    The cost of childcare versus the benefit of a parent returning to work is too often spoken in a disparaging way – this is because some companies are not up to date with modern childcare options.  

    Employers must consider adding a robust childcare solution to their list of benefits. Companies must look at how they can support working parents better and offer a flexible and desirable solution that will ensure employees can effectively balance family and work life.   

    It’s about time we start breaking down silos in the workplace and step away from the one size fits all approach. If companies want to offer a supportive and inclusive workplace, childcare solutions are part of the answer. 

    For more information, visit https://www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk/busy-bees-at-work or https://www.linkedin.com/company/busy-bees-at-work.


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