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  • Teleopti launches online calculator tools

    Teleopti, a global provider of workforce management (WFM) software, has launched a new online calculator tools that help companies to see tangible benefits when applying its workforce management (WFM) solution.

    Using the free WFM Savings Calculator (and the ROI Calculator that Teleopti partners can use), companies can quickly see how using a workforce management solution could help to create optimised, cost-efficient schedules for customer-service agents, while ensuring staff wellbeing and a good working environment.

    The new Teleopti WFM Savings Calculator is an online tool designed to provide easy insights on the savings that could be achieved through automating, optimising and adhering to workforce schedules. The schedules, in association with Teleopti’s Lifestyle modules, help to reduce sickness levels and staff turnover as well as cutting administration time spent by planners and managers.

    Once agent and resource planner numbers and costs have been entered into the savings calculator, the results are instantly produced and the personalised calculations can be downloaded straight away or sent by email. A three-page document shows exactly how a company can save time and money through agent scheduling improvements and less time spent on forecasting, scheduling and reporting.

    Nick Smith, Teleopti’s Business Manager UK & Ireland said: “We have designed our online calculators to help companies see how workforce management tools can improve work schedules to manage staff wellbeing and still meet business requirements. They form part of our three-part approach to the deployment of WFM, helping companies to ensure engaged and positive employees which in turn deliver customer satisfaction and profitability.

    “Our solution helps organisations to focus on creating schedules that take into account lifestyle factors, resulting in a happier workforce with staff that are less likely to leave therefore reducing attrition and improving service levels – a win-win for any company. The ROI calculator, which our partners can use with prospects, also demonstrates the project timeline and how quickly a company can see a return on investment from implementing a Teleopti workforce management solution.”

    To try out the online savings tools, please visit the savings calculator.


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