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    Sage surveyed 2000+ c-suite and HR leaders from around the world to find out how the role of HR is changing, what the future looks like, their current and future challenges, and how HR technology plays a strategic role for current and future success.

    HR in the moment research report series: Key findings

    • HR: ‘We are leading the charge’

    65% of HR leaders say their teams played a vital role in the pandemic, driving change, enabling remote working, and supporting wellbeing.

    • The c-suite: ‘Changes in HR have accelerated’

    87% of c-suite executives say the pandemic accelerated changes in HR, with HR increasing influence and visibility – but half feel this is only temporary.

    • Employees: ‘HR has become more people-focused’

    60% of employees noticed changes in HR’s role, such as being more strategic and people-focused.

    • The future of HR analytics

    94% of companies have access to HR metrics, but 68% aren’t reliant on it to drive business decisions.

    • The accelerated digital transformation

    83% of HR leaders say HR technology has enabled them to be more flexible and responsive.

    Discover what HR and People leaders are saying is key to getting and staying ahead in the new world of work.



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