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    Barnett Waddingham
  • REPORT: Resourcing – The Holy Grail of HR

    By Rob Field, Advanced People Strategies

    Our core values of science, innovation and agility drive us to explore emerging trends and challenges facing organisations today, and how these translate into HR/strategic initiatives.

    We are proud as partners of Corporate Research Forum (CRF) to have sponsored a research report on Resourcing.

    Of nearly 200 organisations surveys, only 25% have a resourcing strategy that is an integrated part of the business strategy. Only 17% either agreed or strongly agreed that the assessment methods they use in their organisations where effective at predicting who will be a high performer.

    The research highlights the shift away from job analysis to the use of competency frameworks over the last 20 years. 46% of organisations have no formal process for job analysis. They may be easier to work with but are they providing what is needed? Perhaps its time to begin the shift back? The challenge remains about clearly differentiating between high performers and low. Clarity about what good looks like is critical. The factors that predict high performance?

    • Intelligence – What can you do?
    • Personality – Who are you?
    • Motivation – What will you do?

    Interested in finding out more about the research? Email: info@advancedpeoplestrateies.co.uk or visit advancedpeoplestrategies.co.uk.


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