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  • READER OFFER: Recruit and retain the best employees with Experian background checks

    Discover a fast, paperless way to get the background information you need. Experian’s employee background checking service automates and speeds up the vetting and screening process, so you can quickly fill roles with the right people. It removes risk for the business and gives candidates a better journey too.

    Candidate-friendly approach

    Recruitment is becoming candidate driven. With the right skills in short supply and organisations in close competition, it’s becoming harder to get the best people on board. To win them round, organisations need to provide a smooth, hassle-free application process.

    Experian’s employee background checking service helps talent acquisition leaders, recruiters and HR process managers create an experience that’s centred around the candidate. We give you the software, data and services you need to carry out pre-employment and existing employee vetting and background checks.

    Better for candidates

    Don’t risk losing the best candidates due to slow or confusing recruitment procedures. With Experian, simply send them a link to the form, which they can access and fill in online or via mobile. Built-in validation reduces errors and instant chat lets you answer questions straight away.

    Better for compliance

    Using different systems and data sources doesn’t give you the full view of every step, action and outcome, which makes management and auditing difficult. Our paperless system removes the risks of non-compliance, offering a meticulous approach with instant reporting and audit trails.

    Better for business

    Performing checks manually leads to mistakes, delays, endless chasing and bulky paperwork. Switching to Experian cuts the waiting time and makes your resources go further, freeing up team members to concentrate on the service, not the admin.

    Finding the perfect employee isn’t just about getting them through your doors. It’s about keeping them, and knowing they’ll improve your business. From onboarding to re-vetting, a full background check can help you to get the perfect people on board.

    We’re offering 10% off our criminal record checks before 28 February 2019.

    Simply get in touch and quote the code CRC10.

    Subject to terms and conditions.


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