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    Insights Learning & Development

    Father and son Andi and Andy Lothian founded Insights Learning and Development in 1993 to help individuals, teams, leaders and organisations realise their full potential.

    Guided by the purpose to ‘create a world where people truly understand themselves and others, and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do’, Insights believes understanding plus application equals personal and professional breakthroughs.

    Insights learning solutions are founded on the interpretation of Carl Jung’s psychological principles on personality type. The organisation’s flagship learning solution, Insights Discovery, translates personality functions (introversion/extraversion, thinking/feeling, sensation/intuition) into a four-colour psychometric model.

    The model and resulting Insights Discovery Personal Profile provides learners a universal and judgement-free language to discuss their psychological preferences – with the overarching idea that recognising type does not limit someone’s potential, but rather makes them more self-aware of what comes most naturally to them.

    Building upon Insights Discovery’s foundation, Insights’ leadership solutions, Discovering Leadership Effectiveness and Insights Transformational Leadership explore how an individual’s leadership style and capabilities are impacted by their psychological preferences.

    Discovering Leadership Effectiveness’ explores leadership within a four-part model that examines the extent to which an individual’s leadership style may fall into four categories: Results-focused, Centered-focused, Relationship-focused and Vision-focused.

    Insights Transformational Leadership goes further and examines how an individual’s leadership style may fall into an eight-dimensional model, including Delivering Results, Leading Change, Creating a Compelling Vision, Communicating with Impact, Fostering Teamwork, Facilitating Development, Leading from Within, Agile Thinking.

    By helping leaders understand where their preferences and capabilities lie within these critical pillars of leadership, individuals are able to lead in a way that allows them to flex their style to the needs of others and the demands of their environment while staying authentic to themselves.

    Insights leadership solutions garnered industry recognition in 2018 with Insights making Training Industry’s 2018 Leadership Training Company Watch List.


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