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  • Mental health issues rising in the workplace, CIPD claims…

    The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) ‘Employee Outlook: Focus on mental health in the workplace 2016survey has found that 31 per cent of employees have experienced a mental health problem while in employment; with female employees recorded at the highest rate of 36 per cent (46 per cent in respect of people in voluntary employment).

    Overall, the statistic has increased from 26 per cent in 2011, and the number of employer respondents who insist their organisation actively supports employees with mental health issues – either on a ‘very’ or ‘fairly well’ basis critically – falls at less than 50 per cent.

    Employment relations adviser at the CIPD, Rachel Suff, said: “With people’s experiences of mental health problems at work on the increase, it’s disappointing not to see more employers stepping up to address them. Mental health should get just as much attention, awareness and understanding as physical health, and employers have a responsibility to manage stress and mental health at work, making sure employees are aware of, and able to access, the support available to them.”

    The need for employers to pay attention to the psychological and physical aspects of people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace is evident as a result of the survey, and there is some way to go before the majority of employers develop a robust framework in this area.

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