• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • Last two places at this month’s HR LIVE virtual conference

    Your POST LOCKDOWN REBOOT includes LIVE topical webinar sessions and advice on key tasks the industry is navigating including: Counselling, Mental Health, Stress Management, Software, Team Building, Wellbeing, Employee Engagement and HR Information Systems.

    Thursday 10th September – Click here to secure your place

    Your topical webinars include;

    “Emerging from the lockdown – What will be the new normal?”

    Presented By; Peter Banks, Publisher , The HR Director an interview with:- Harvey Francis, Executive Vice President, Skanksa UK

    “Managing emerging mental health problems post lockdown”

    Presented By:

    Abigail Hershman, Head of Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing at ACAS
    Lauren Adams, HR Director at CBI
    Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald, Senior Business Partner – Mental Health at Rolls-Royce

    “Mental health – why employees don’t ask for help”

    Presented By; Richard Adams, HR Director Cairn Hotel Group

    “How to re-boost employee moral”

    Presented By:

    Richard Adams, HR Director at Cairn Hotel Group;
    Robert Hicks, Group HR Director of Reward at Gateway;
    Sally Hopper, Assistant Director of Human Resources at Hertfordshire County Council

    Click here to secure your place!


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