• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • Join us at next month’s virtual HR Summit

    Discover how the pandemic has shaped the top priorities for HR Strategy in 2021 and how you can best support and guide your people to good mental health and wellbeing – join us at the virtual HR Summit!

    You’ll hear from Tim Conroy, Country Manager UK at WINNINGTEMP, addressing:-

    – Focus on the Safe and Empowering Workplace
    – Continue focus on mental health, wellbeing resilience, capability building, and empathetic leadership
    – Prepare for and continue to transform jobs

    Confirm your free pass here for the 11th & 12th February 2021.

    Your free pass includes; access to two live topical webinar sessions, a bespoke itinerary of short relaxed 1-2-1 meetings with innovative suppliers and a list of pre-recorded industry webinars that focus on the upcoming challenges and future of the HR industry.


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