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  • Industry Spotlight: Rightcheck provides Right to Work assistance


    Complying with Right to Work legislation can be a challenge. In multi-site operations, reliant on local site management teams to recruit and on-board new employees, shortcuts and admin errors can result in harsh penalties and reputational damage that can be difficult to recover from.

    To avoid this, how can you ensure Right to Works checks are undertaken correctly without fail across all recruitment activity within your organisation? Rightcheck can give you peace of mind.

    Everyone responsible for conducting a Right to Work check within your business is given access to the Rightcheck app which is easy to use, guiding the user efficiently through the process to conduct a complaint check within a matter of a couple of minutes.

    Logic regarding the correct documents to check and process to follow (relating to the candidate’s nationality) is built in, with automatic updates whenever legislation and this logic changes.

    The Rightcheck app uses the camera in the device to scan the necessary identification documents making the solution paperless – no other photocopier or hardware is required. Checks are securely stored in the cloud and accessible via the Rightcheck web portal, providing on demand access for review or audit purposes at any time.

    By digitising and streamlining traditional approaches to Right to Work checks, immediate savings can be realised in admin/managerial time.

    The removal of paper photocopying, processing and storage will save further costs for the organisation. Critically, the risk on non-compliance with this important recruitment legislation is addressed.

    With Rightcheck there is no more worry, paper processing or challenge to conducting compliant Right to Work checks across your organisation. Please contact us for an on-line demo, or to organise a trial.

    To find out more please visit www.rightcheck.io.


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