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    Barnett Waddingham
  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Unlock Your Inner Productivity Ninja

    Do you feel like 24 hours in a day is simply not enough? Do you experience a constant feeling of information overload and distraction? Does your team seem increasingly stressed? Trust us, you’re not alone.

    But you don’t have to continue down this path, unlock your inner Productivity Ninja™ with Think Productive right by your side.

    Who is Think Productive, you ask?

    Think Productive was founded in 2009, by best-selling author Graham Allcott and our range of practical, human and straight to the point workshops have since been transforming the productivity and wellbeing of leading companies and organizations around the world.

    What we can help with:

    • Avoid distractions, get your best work done and make space for what matters.
    • Be inspired, form new habits and create change with the 9 Productivity Ninja™
    • Convert emails into actions and implement Ninja-style email moves for your organisation’s software.
    • Implement the Productivity Ninja™approach to better email and improve your team’s email culture.
    • Reduce how much time you spend in meetings and make the ones you do attend ridiculously productive.
    • Develop a creative and innovative mindset and practical toolkit for generating brilliant ideas and solving tricky problems.
    • Overcome information overload by managing attention, rather than time.
    • Implement 4 key elements of the CORD Model™to increase productivity and reduce stress.

    Besides our popular in-house Workshops, we also have our very own Online Learning Hub, The Productivity Ninja Academy, to guide you on your productivity and wellbeing journey with tutorials, resources, exclusive offers and a global community.

    Ok, how do I jump on the Productivity Ninja bandwagon?

    It’s easy as 1-2-3! Get in touch via hello@thinkproductive.comor 01273 913 217, tell us a little bit about your work and where some of the pain points are and let us do the rest!


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