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    Barnett Waddingham
  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Gympass corporate wellness

    Gympass is the UK’s leading corporate wellness provider. The secret to our success – and your employees’ wellbeing – is the universality of our product, the range of choices we offer to your workforce and our ability to complement and extend your existing wellbeing and employee engagement strategies.

    Our tailored corporate wellness solutions are proven to multiply the number of physically active employees, giving our partner companies a healthier, happier and more engaged workforce.

    One size does not fit all in terms of corporate wellness programmes.  Giving everyone access to a slightly reduced-rate gym membership won’t solve the inactivity problem.  It will please your already active colleagues as they get a discount on their favourite pastime. However, it won’t motivate, encourage or support your inactive colleagues to change their behaviour or break down their barriers to being active – which is where you, as a business, will truly begin to see ROI.

    This is where Gympass is different.  Working closely as an extension of your team, we can fully understand the challenges your workforce faces in terms of engaging in physical activity. For some it will be confidence, for others finding time. Fitting workouts around work and family, being on the road and working away from home are also common barriers to physical activity.

    Gympass is designed to meet all those challenges. With the sheer range of activities on offer at our 2,000 venues, employees will be able to fit exercise around their schedule no matter how busy they are – close to their work, their home or when on the move. And because the discounts on offer are so significant – 50% on average – there should be something to suit every budget. Workforces as diverse as Tesco, Santander, Rolls-Royce, Network Rail, Uber and Aldi have all found success with Gympass.

    We keep awareness and motivation high in many ways including engaging staff via digital channels, company intranets and workplace screens.

    Our HR support programmes encompass everything from content marketing and internal communications to promotional tactics and employee engagement events. We have multiple ways to target, engage and motivate your workforce including integrated communications, company-wide webinars, on-boarding packs and push notifications.

    Working in such close partnership with companies, Gympass encourages employees to be more active more often.  See how we could help your business here: hs.gympass.com/uk/corporate-gympass 


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