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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Improve absence management with BHSF

    Businesses can save over £25,000 a year with BHSF’s unique ‘First Day Absence’ service.

    According to statistics from Breathe, unexplained sick days cost the UK economy around £1.4bn a year. BHSF, working alongside Honeydew Health, helps reduce this cost and the impact absence has on productivity.

    How it works

    The employee simply calls up within a few hours of their first sick day. An Occupational Health Advisor will then contact the employee on the same day. After a short telephone consultation to discuss the reason for absence, recommendations will be made for the employee‘s return to work. This report is then sent back to the employer, again on the same day, giving line managers a clearer idea of when the employee can be expected back at work.

    The benefits

    During a three-month trial with 680 employees of an existing customer, 384 ‘First Day Absence’ calls were successfully completed. BHSF and Honeydew Health helped reduce sickness absence costs per quarter by 24 per cent, saving the customer over £36,000 and giving them a three-month ROI of almost £7,000.

    As well as the economic value to the customer, ‘First Day Absence’ helped to reduce absence rates over the trial period, it identified hotspots in job roles or sites relating to certain medical conditions, it gave employers access to real-time absence data and, more importantly, it helped get employees back to work quicker.

    BHSF is the only provider of ‘First Day Absence’ in the UK and Ireland which links the absence to an Occupational Health consultation.

    For more information on ‘First Day Absence’ call 0333 344 3800 or e-mail ohenquiries@bhsf.co.uk


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