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    Barnett Waddingham
  • HR admin skills way below par among UK workforce

    A survey by global payroll and HR services has revealed that only 12% of HR admin tasks are possible on mobile devices, with 49% still being completed offline. 

    Looking into the extent of digitisation of the workplace, the survey by SD Worx also found that just 13% of UK employees submit expenses only on mobile, while just under half of those surveyed (40%) are still submitting expenses non-electronically.

    14% of those polled also admitted that they requested leave digitally, along with13% completing the job through both fixed and mobile devices and 43% by fixed devices only.

    Discussing the findings, Brenda Morris, MD of SD Worx UK, said: “Nearly all areas of our lives have been changed by technology. While it’s been the case in our personal lives for some time now, in some instances it’s been slow to take hold in the workplace. 

    “As seen in this report, employees want to be able to carry out basic HR admin on mobile but they are not always given the opportunity to do so. In order to keep employees engaged and productive, it is vital for employers to listen to these concerns and adapt to this new way of working.”

    However, when it comes to mobile-interaction, the UK fares much better than Germany, which ranked the lowest across all countries when it comes to workplace digitalisation, with only 33% of Germans being able to submit expenses online compared to 59% in the UK.

    There UK also scores highest from employees looking to change the workplace through digitalisation growth, suggesting that the more access given to employees to carry out work electronically will see a readiness to continue options and increase digitalisation in the workplace. 


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