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    Barnett Waddingham
  • How to choose an Applicant Tracking System – Top 3 tips

    Your business case has been submitted, budget has been approved and it’s time to start your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) selection project.

    So, how can you make sure your selection process is as efficient and valuable as possible?

    1. Spend the time defining your essential criteria

    Ensure you have taken feedback from all relevant stakeholders, from procurement to IT, and that you have included their deal-breakers on your ‘essential’ features list.

    Look beyond functionality and include ‘must-haves’ relating to customer care, pricing, account management, security and so on. 

    Build a solid criterion that is in line with all key stakeholders’ expectations and reflects your organisation’s challenges and objectives.

    • Focus on customer care and support

    Most Applicant Tracking Systems will offer a similar range of functionality. Some, of course, will be more feature-rich or configurable than others, but all should offer essentially the same key tools to help you track and manage your applications and candidates.

    A significant differentiator, therefore, is a supplier’s approach to customer care and support. Really dig into this, whether during initial conversations, a supplier questionnaire or in a demo situation. 

    • What training is included ahead of Go Live?
    • How and when can my team contact the Support desk?
    • Can you provide me with references from other customers?
    • Approach demos consistently

    Ensure you and your team are clear on roles and responsibilities within the demo.

    Consider developing a numerical scoring system so you can assess suppliers efficiently and fairly.

    It may help for you to have a demo template you can use, so you are all working off the same structure.

    Where possible, do provide feedback to a supplier after a demo. It may help them improve their offering for future clients, or it could mean they can provide you with an alternative idea.

    For further guidance and practical tips, download your free guide to Choosing an ATS, created by the team at Hireserve.

    Hireserve have been providing recruitment technology to customers across the globe for over 20 years, so by now we’ve seen it all! From multi-national corporates to local government, we work with a diverse range of organisations. All of them trust Hireserve ATS, a powerful and agile Applicant Tracking System, to manage, streamline and enhance their end-to-end hiring processes. 

    Find out more at hireserve.com


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