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  • Gympass unlocks a happy, healthy, engaged workforce

    Gympass, the world’s largest corporate fitness solutions provider, is on a mission to multiply the number of people exercising at every company to create a healthier and more engaged workforce. While that sounds ambitious, it’s achievable through its carefully constructed programmes that empower companies to engage their workforce in physical activity.

    Firmly established in the UK market, Gympass has enabled hundreds of thousands of employees from companies such as Tesco, Santander, Aldi, Thames Water and Network Rail to access a choice of over 2,000 fitness facilities. Its excellent relationship with leading leisure operators such as Bannatyne and Everyone Active, alongside boutique studios and local fitness operators, ensures the platform really does have something for everyone.

    It’s now proven beyond doubt that exercise helps to lower instances of stress and depression, increase productivity and reduce illness-related absences. Despite that, only 14% of the UK population are currently members of a fitness venue. Gympass’s model is designed to change that, to the benefit of their corporate clients.

    To make its programme as accessible as possible, Gympass has designed five price plans for employees to choose from, all of which give unlimited access to a range of different venues and activity types across the country. In this way, Gympass caters to all types of employees – no matter how much they earn, where they’re based or how physically active they currently are. Members sign up to rolling monthly contracts, meaning there is less of an up-front commitment and, therefore, more reason for those new to exercise to give it a try.

    The recent Deloitte Corporate Wellness Segment showed 78% of employers are looking to invest in workplace wellness programmes in the next three years, citing the main benefits as reducing employee inactivity (32%) and improving talent retention (25%).  Despite their intent, however, many businesses admit they struggle to create meaningful, worthwhile programmes that meet the needs of their entire workforce.

    Gympass empowers companies to engage their employees in physical activity through a flexible, unique model that yields ROI and a competitive advantage. It also helps businesses track, monitor and measure the outcomes of their corporate wellness solution. Meanwhile, its high-quality service and affordable prices encourage employees who have never set foot in a gym to visit a fitness facility to try physical activity.

    Companies working with Gympass can achieve high employee engagement, increased productivity and retention while decreasing healthcare and talent acquisition costs. All of which results in a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

    See more at  hs.gympass.com/uk/corporate-gympass 


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