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  • GUEST BLOG: Get regular feedback from employees and improve your culture with Talent Check-ins

    Still using annual performance reviews for staff feedback? MHR’s expert on talent management, Chris Kerridge, says these are dated platforms, where honest dialogue fails to occur under the pressures of discussing targets and justifying performance.

    This is the biggest engagement challenge for your business. Regular, open communication builds trust and catches any potential issues before they progress, but how can you implement this when employees fear the repercussions of speaking up?

    The most successful organisations focus on strengthening their performance culture to embed performance management behaviours like feedback and coaching into daily work, rather than having a separate administrative process. They are moving away from annual performance reviews and appraisals after realising it is not best practice for boosting employee productivity and morale. A CIPD report found 42% of HR leaders think a significant overhaul is needed to improve the review process, as businesses spend an average of 43 hours per year, per employee on formal conversations around performance evaluation.

    An alternative is Talent Check-ins. Boost morale, engage your people and ensure regular, honest feedback on a frequent basis.

    Click here to read the full MHR blog and find out how check-ins can upgrade your performance reviews.


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