• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • ‘Flexible working hours and an understanding boss’

    That’s what ‘back to work’ mothers are looking for in a job, according to a survey by online training specialist New Skills Academy.

    Salary and benefits remain important, according to the report, but mothers returning to work after having children are looking for jobs that suit their busy lives as parents.

    The survey showed that 93% of mothers had returned to work, or were planning to. 75% have returned to the same job or profession – but a whopping 82% are now considering changing their careers and 73% are considering retraining.

    A significant factor in the decision to switch professions is childcare – and wanting to spend more time with children. The survey showed that 45% want a job with more flexible hours and 34% want a job with shorter working hours.

    Meanwhile 98% said that an understanding boss who recognised the need to take time off for school events, or poorly children is important or very important. And 90% said that the ability to work locally – or from home is important or very important.



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