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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Female managers awarded fewer promotions than male counterparts…

    The latest National Management Survey compiled by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR has suggested that 40 per cent of male employees are more likely to be promoted to executive and management positions; with 14 per cent awarded senior positions last year, compared to only 10 per cent of women.

    Furthermore, in regards to management employees overall who had been with their company for five years or more, 47 per cent of men were promoted; eight per cent more than women.

    Chief executive at CMI, Ann Francke, commented on the findings:Promoting men ahead of women is keeping us all back. Diversity delivers better financial results, better culture and better decision making. Even before the new Regulations kick in, employers need to get on board with reporting on their recruitment and promotion policies and how much they pay their men and women. Transparency and targets are what we need to deal with stubborn problems like the gender pay gap.”

    The survey has also revealed the pay gap to be significantly higher for those in more senior positions, with male CEOs and directors earning an average basic salary of £131,673, calculating to £16,513 more than their female counterparts.

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