• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • eBook: How to to build a high performance culture

    By 10x Psychology

    Want to know how to build the high-performance culture your company needs?

    Our experts at 10x Psychology can help.

    We know that the right company culture isn’t always easy to build. In fact, before COVID even hit, 70% of cultural change programmes collapsed over mis-aligned employee attitudes and unproductive manager behaviours (McKinsey & Co.)

    In a hybrid world of work, creating a strategically aligned, yet engaging high performance culture is more challenging than ever. An organization’s ability to deliver the right environment to empower and enable their people to perform at their best today, can unlock a vital competitive advantage in securing a stable, productive future.

    Our latest selection of 13 industry focused eBooks are tailored to the specific challenges faced by individual industries, to help you build and sustain a meaningful high-performance culture for your organization.

    Read your eBook to learn how to …

    • Overcome key hurdles others have faced in your industry
    • Implement practical cultural changes that drive performance
    • Assess how effective your company culture really is

    Click here to learn more and access your copy.


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