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    Barnett Waddingham
  • WHITEPAPER: Download PayDashboard’s GDPR Guide


    Are you sick of hearing about the GDPR and how you have to completely overhaul all of your business processes to be GDPR compliant – or face crippling fines?

    PayDashboard spoke to GDPR Practitioners at Nicholls Law and together they put together an honest guide on how GDPR really impacts on delivery of employee payslips as part of the payroll process.

    The guide covers the answers to three of the big myths around payslip delivery and GDPR:

    1. Whether emailing payslips will be allowed under GDPR
    2. The fines that will be levied in the event of a payslip-related GDPR breach
    3. Whether you need an employee’s consent in order to produce their payslips online

    Download the guide here.


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