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  • Coople: Overworked Brits neglecting home lives and children…

    A survey of 2,000 people commissioned by the staffing app, Coople, has revealed that the pressure of work is negatively affecting over one half of UK workers, with some admitting that their current workloads are greatly colliding with their home lives.

    The poll revealed that 20 per cent parents say their work schedule has made them miss an important moment in their children’s lives — such as a school play or even a birthday party — in addition to 28 per cent claiming to of missed these important events on more than five occasions.

    Managing director at Coople, Jacques de la Bouillerie, said: “[The research] really highlights the detrimental effects of employment without flexibility. I believe there is a strong link between companies that emphasise an excellent work-life balance, and their staffs’ productivity, happiness and loyalty in the workplace. Hopefully this research will serve as a wakeup call to businesses across the UK to recognise and prioritise the importance of their staffs’ personal wellbeing, and to put the right structures in place to create a better work-life balance.”


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