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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Brexit putting pressure on talent recruitment


    Brexit will increase competition for well-qualified staff and make it more difficult to recruit senior staff.

    Those are the topline findings of the latest CIPD/Hays Resourcing and Talent Planning survey of over 1,000 HR professionals.

    The report reveals that some 72 per cent of HR professionals believe that competition for talent will increase over the next three years due to the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

    68 per cent believe there will be an emphasis on developing existing staff, while 61 per cent expect difficulties in recruiting senior, strategic or skilled staff.

    Away from Brexit, key highlights include:

    Changing Skills

    65 per cent of HR professionals agree that the skills needed for jobs in their organisation are changing. The skills most likely to increase in demand in the next 12 months are:

    • Leadership – 58%
    • Commercial Awareness – 51%
    • Digital – 54%

    Recruitment Process

    41 per cent of HR professionals believe the length of their recruitment process has led to the loss of potential recruits in the past 12 months.

    Most Effective Attraction Methods

    • Own corporate website – 74%
    • Professional networking sites – 60%
    • Commercial job boards – 58%
    • Recruitment consultants – 52%

    To read the full report visit cipd.co.uk/resourcingandtalentplanningsurvey.


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