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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Bosses need flexibility for fathers, says expert

    Employers risk losing employees as half of dads want to downshift to a more flexible position.

    The new generation of fathers are more likely than ever to compromise their career to take care of their children, according to a study by Working Families and Bright Horizons.

    The 2017 Modern Families Index surveyed around 2,700 parents in the UK and around half of fathers admitted to wanting to downshift or even take a pay cut, sparking fears that Britain is creating a ‘fatherhood penalty’.

    The same study revealed that mums were much less likely to change roles or less pay than dads.

    50% of parents agreed that a main source of stress came from balancing their work and personal lives. with more that 70% admitting to bringing work home in the evenings or weekends.

    Employers are being urged to help employees to greater benefit both parties to avoid the risks of losing an employee to a simpler job altogether.

    “The flexible working environment works both ways and there have never been more avenues for unhappy employees to seek work elsewhere,” according to ELAS employment law consultant, David Southall, believing employers “should always be ready to consider requests for changes in working pattern through an open and fair process.”

    Mr Southall is concerned that many employers simply cannot afford for their workers to go elsewhere, reminding companies that “the most important part of their business is their employees.”

    “The employer that allows itself to bend with the wind is far more likely to retain its branches.”


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