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  • 75% of Brits blame aches and pains on work


    A new survey conducted by Printerland has revealed that three quarters of Brits attribute aches and pains to their office work life.

    The list includes eye strain (43%) severe headaches (32%) back pain (39%) and neck strain (31%).

    The survey also revealed that 17% of the respondents admitted they suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) with 70% also admitting that they didn’t have their workstations set up correctly.

    The eye and neck strain could be attributed to the fact that 29% of Brits said that they didn’t have their screen adjusted to eye level properly, and 38% admitting that their keyboards wasn’t level with their arms, possibly attributing to RSI.

    Only 36% of Brits polled admitted that they took regular breaks from out of their office chair during the day.

    Germs, such as head colds, flu and coughs, attributed to 10% of Brits being ill at work.

    45% of Brits also claimed that they had put on weight since working in an office, with 30% admitting that they had put on over a stone.

    Commenting on the survey, Catherine Bannan, HR manager from Printerland.co.uk said: “Health and safety procedures, such as fire drills and hazards are well covered by businesses, yet workplace wellness is something we need to give more attention to.

    “You can easily help your employees by undertaking individual desk assessments, ensuring your staff’s computer equipment and monitors are set up properly, and that their chairs are appropriate for sitting on all day.”

    The full survey can be viewed here.



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