Lily Shippen, Managing Director – Lily Shippen & Kathryn Gunner, Business Support – Lily Shippen

“AI: Will it enhance or dilute your hiring processes”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment is transforming the way organisations identify, assess, and hire talent. This development in technology is leveraging machine learning and automation to streamline various aspects of the hiring process, including CV screening, skills assessment, and predicting job fit. In this session, we will explore the current landscape of AI in recruitment, its positive and negative implications, its role in promoting diversity and inclusion, and what the future holds.

  • AI is gaining momentum in the recruitment and HR space, with one in five (UK) employers currently using AI tools.
  • It’s important to consider that both the positives and negatives of utilising AI within recruitment and HR, such as a number of ethical considerations to ensure that it is utilised responsibly and fairly.
  • It is fair to assume that AI will likely replace some aspects of recruitment process, particularly within larger organisations but will it replace key roles such as EAs and entry level HR roles?
  • The future of AI in recruitment promises increased efficiency and data-driven decision-making, but will human judgment and empathy continue to play a crucial role in making the best hiring decisions?

Antoni Lacinai, Professional Keynote Speaker – Lacinai Communication & Performance Development AB

“You get the team you deSERVE!”

This presentation gives you insights on what drive employee engagement, why so many leaders and teams struggle with it, and how to get to a world-class level of engagement

  • Why people are like popcorn
  • The 3 communicative superpowers
  • The hidden reasons for employee engagement
  • Why you want your brain’s traffic light to turn green
  • What happens when you have a culture of positive interactions

Gijs Coppens, CEO & Founder – OpenUp BV

“Why Investing in Well-Being Should be Part of Your Growth Strategy”

Based on years of experience as a psychologist and a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face, Gijs will provide you with practical strategies and inspiring ideas to achieve positive change in your organisation.

  • See mental well-being as an asset not a cost
  • Leadership involvement
  • Leadership action
  • Tailor messaging for your employees