Clare Turner, CEO & Founder at huunuu

“Wellness – Talking about death won’t kill you!”

Healthy conversations about death and dying, a topic that impacts us all.  Clare shares her knowledge and experience giving you the opportunity to learn some of the things you can do.

  • Death and taxes – why aren’t we more open?
  • No one talks about – everyone has a story!
  • The crucial conversation – learn about yourself and others.
  • What if – understand the importance and the impact.
  • Q&A

Becca Guinchard, HR Expert at AssessFirst

“Employees are voting with their feet. How to win their heads and hearts”

  • the true scale of ‘the great resignation’
  • what is driving employees to leave their careers in record numbers
  • how to understand candidate and employee motivation in their careers
  • how to use behavioural and motivational profiling to unlock new sources of talent – and keep talent that your organisation already has

Darren Hepburn, Operations Director at VRAMP

“The power of data in internal communications”

48% of UK organisations do not measure the effectiveness of their internal communications. This session explains why this has to change and outlines which data is the most valuable.

  • The 5 ways to measure internal communications
  • The top 3 outcomes from good internal comms data
  • The definition of ‘good’ data: what to focus on first

Will Everett, Strategic Sales Manager at Winningtemp

“Returning to work post-pandemic”

Know how your people are feeling about returning to working and how you can provide a safe environment for them to thrive

  • What are the challenges that many organisations will face upon staff returning to the office?
  • How do you engage employees post-pandemic?
  • How can employees express their concerns by providing a safe environment for them to communicate
  • How can leaders be guided by highlighting where their people are feeling most vulnerable
  • How can you get real-time information, ask the right questions and enable open conversations to take place?
  • With immediate, real-time insights leaders will be able to see the overall ‘feeling’ and respond accordingly

Stephanie Robinson, Director of HR Consulting at Ellis Whittam

“Hybrid working | Long-term solution or an unwelcomed COVID legacy?”

Is a hybrid approach the key to high-performance working and engagement or has it served its purpose? Could it create division in the workplace? We explore the pros and cons.

  • When it works, it works: the case for hybrid working and a dive into the data
  • Why a hybrid model might not be the right fit for you
  • Hybrid or no hybrid, why employers need to take action now
  • How to assess your organisational ‘fit’ for hybrid long term