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Rising Vibe Ltd

Rising Vibe are Culture Consultants.
Traditionally, you might call us a ‘people development’ or ‘change management’ business. But we don’t do traditional. We work with our clients to create a culture that is Social Pain Free (SPF).
Rising Vibe design and deliver learning and development solutions that help businesses create a Social Pain Free culture, using emotion to drive the cultural change.
The most common cultural challenges around social pain that we solve with our clients include: Low Resilience; Poor communication; Short term tick-box solutions that don’t deliver; Political correctness around diversity, inclusion and performance management; Resistance to change; Silo working and Disconnected Senior Leadership.
We’ve partnered with HR Directors, People Directors, Operations Directors, Sales Directors, Managing Directors and many more, to deliver brilliant results.
If you’re responsible for culture, learning, development or change initiatives within your organisation, please get in touch today.

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