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Have you heard of challenge-driven learning? At Instruqt, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal: to change the face of tech learning. We are an online, hands-on learning platform. 100,000+ IT Professionals have developed new skills using Instruqt. Digital Transformations require a workforce with DevOps, Cloud, Data-Science, and Cybersecurity skills.

Turn Problem Solvers into Masters of the Craft
Instruqt was founded on helping tech companies introduce new products to the market. Software engineers are problem solvers. The use of hands-on challenge-driven learning on the Instruqt platform was found to be an effective way to get users to master new technologies faster and more effectively than the passive way of learning.

Enterprises make use of our learning solutions to upskill at scale cost-effectively. Tech companies fast track time-to-value by helping customers master their technologies with bite-sized interactive tutorials in a sandbox environment. We work with leading brands to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and create digital winners.

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